Our repairs

What computer repair are you needing today?

Whatever the problem with your device, rest assured that at ConnectLG we will give you a quick, effective solution that will allow you to have your device as good as new again.

A technical service that is exclusively dedicated to doing all kinds of repairs in Madrid can be somewhat complicated to achieve, but not impossible.

The most important thing, in these cases, is to find a store that meets the expectations of users and that grants a guarantee in each of the services it provides to generate greater confidence.

It is precisely for this reason that ConnectLG was born, a space through which you can solve any problem you have with your LG device so that you can work with it, again, quickly and effectively (such as the services we offer)

We repair all models of the brand, for your comfort

What are you looking for the most when trying to get LG services in Spain? That he is trained to meet your requirements, of course. A group of professionals who get to work, as soon as possible, so that your PC is delivered in a short time.

Not only this. You need these people to be really experts at what they do. At the end of the day it is a delicate, expensive device, and you do not want to leave it in the charge of someone who professes something that does not comply.

At ConnectLG we know it. We know that you are looking for a staff at the height of events. The best of all is that we are not only ready to serve you today, but we can do it inside and outside of Madrid, that is, we reach other locations in Spanish territory.

Is it very expensive to do a computer repair?

The quick answer is that not as much as some users believe. In fact, it will always be a much cheaper process than having to buy a new or even used PC (the latter with the risk that, in a short time, you will have to take it to repair)

In addition, we handle budgets based on a previous diagnosis of your device and that does not change, that is, you will not have extra expenses or surprises at the end of the delivery as could happen with other centers that offer these computer repairs.

Still, rest assured that we will not make any changes to your device unless you have authorized it. We take our responsibility to our customers and their electronic devices very seriously.

And what computer repairs does ConnectLG do?

«Practice makes a master». It is a very true saying, at least in our case. For so many years that we have been in the market we have realized what are the most common problematic situations for which a user comes to us. Among them we have the following needs:

screen spare parts

There are several ways to tell that this is the piece of equipment that is bad. How can you find out if you need to change your PC screen? Simply note if there are any vertical lines in the piece or if you can see the projected images, but faded. In both cases it is obvious that there is an error. In the first, it is due to an internal problem with the monitor. In the second, the need to make a screen change is more than necessary.

Remember that you must be very careful with this part of the equipment. What you least think can harm it. Yes, even letting your cat (they love the heat these devices give off) climb on your laptop when it’s closed.

Checks for overheating

This is one of the services that we perform the most. It happens that the quick answer to this problem is to place a cooler under the laptop to help cool it down. Likewise, there are more «homemade» ways to accomplish the same task. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. In fact, the reality is that it doesn’t work very well in most cases, but maybe you can try this solution.

Still, the causes of an electronic device overheating can vary widely. Sometimes it is not enough to carry out these kinds of solutions because the error requires a deeper review and, therefore, an adequate repair. Whatever the origin of this problem, rest assured that we will find it and solve it.

Battery repair or change

Is your PC’s battery draining very quickly, even if you don’t use it very often? Even though you have the device connected, do you notice that it does not charge or does it charge up to a certain percentage? It is time for you to start thinking about whether it is necessary to carry out a LG battery repair or change, in this case.

Yes, a battery can be repaired, but not always. Many times it will be necessary to change it completely. Remember that all of them, regardless of their brand, have a maximum shelf life. But the answer to what you need will be given to you by a specialized technical service.

Keyboard overhaul and replacement

It is not usually a part that needs repairs or changes on a regular basis, but it may happen that, at a certain time, you require a LG keyboard review and change.

Not only because, overnight, it stops working. It may also happen that one or two specific keys are no longer dialing properly. In any case, at ConnectLG we are going to help you solve it.

Connection arrangements on the device

If it presents errors at the terminal level, we can also solve it. It is one of the processes included in our computer repair offer.

We have priority in reviewing each of the related parts to find the true cause of the conflict and thus make the corresponding repair in a short time, so that (in a short time) you can take the device with you, functional again.

Speaker replacement or overhaul

Like other parts of computers, speakers can have errors that make them unusable or practically pieces that do not serve you at all. Come on, you don’t just use your PC to write or comment on Facebook. Even on the same social networks you want to watch videos… And listen to them. What would you do if you can’t hear them? It doesn’t make much sense to visualize them like that, does it?

We take this into account and that is why we also include among our repairs a specialized service to fix speakers that seem not to work or do not work well at all.

Trackpad repair

And what about the trackpad. When it stops working, the solution is not to simply attach a mouse to the PC. It can serve as a temporary solution, but it will not always be comfortable for you to use this device to perform the tasks you need.

There are times when the solution is as simple as pressing a button. Yes, literally that. The f9 key is often pressed in the wrong way and this causes the trackpad to freeze. Just press that key again to use the item normally again. However, sometimes it is not something so simple and the intervention of a computer repair person will be necessary as soon as possible.

Computer slot and port fixes

It is not one of the most frequent errors that we see in our store, but it is possible that you have a problem related to these parts of the equipment and you need an immediate solution, especially if you usually use peripheral devices and memory cards (which is usually the case)

Don’t worry about whether the conflict is internal or external. Be that as it may, we are going to solve it thanks to the reviews of our specialists. Get in touch with them, through our different communication channels or in the contact form for it.

Repairs and changes in the graphics card of your computer

In the case of graphics cards, it may be that you need to make a change because the one your PC has is presenting errors that you cannot find a way to solve, but there is also the possibility that it is perfect and functional; however, you want to change it to a more powerful one than the current one.

As we usually recommend, it is best that you take the equipment to a group of experts so that they can correctly carry out the procedure that this requires.

Improvements made by ConnectLG professionals

Do you want your computer to be faster, more powerful, have more storage or exceptional graphics, but on the basis that it is on your own PC, that is, you do not have to buy a new one? Do not worry, it is something that we will also do for you. Here are some of the best things we do as part of our computer repair process:

Upgrade or change of hard drive

With a new hard drive or a change to a more powerful one you will definitely get a faster computer and with which you can handle applications or programs that precisely need more power.

This is one of the tasks that we carry out the most in our laboratory, so it will not be complicated for our professionals who, in addition, will give you the best options for this change.

Expansion of RAM memory in computers

An increase in RAM is always beneficial to a computer, no doubt about that. There are even those who request an expansion of RAM memory in newly purchased equipment. Yes, directly from its packaging to the hands of our professionals.

Sometimes you can incur less expense than having to buy a PC with higher capacity specifications. It is a way to personalize your device or improve the one you already have at home.

SSD change

Making a change of SSD in computers implies a prior review by our collaborators. They will be in charge of telling you if, indeed, your PC can be upgraded with certain types of SSD.

If you want your computer to work better, faster and more efficiently, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists to carry out this task.

How long does it take to deliver your PC?

The answer is: it depends. About what? Of what you need. Most of our repairs are done in hours, even. Our customers attest that many of the services performed in ConnectLG are done in less time than in other locations and with the greatest care to avoid loss of LG data.

Now, if you are wondering if it is possible for us to deliver the equipment to you the same day that you take it to our store, it may be so Again, it depends not only on the damage it has or the improvement you want to apply to it, but also on the tools and parts that are immediately available in our lab.

For more information on this, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to have your PC as new, in your hands, in the shortest time possible. Rest assured that it will.