Chassis and hinge repair

We can solve any problem related to the chassis or the hinge of your computer or laptop

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We will not deny it. Technology pushes us more and more towards the new. Not only are we adapting to it, but we need more changes for various reasons such as the power of a team or its aesthetics.

And, although it may seem so, these are changes that many users want to make, not just the so-called “gamers”. It is not like this? Some even want to build their own computers to their liking. For price? For price? Whatever the reason, these changes may be presented as a necessity by current users, but the details that this implies are not easy to carry out by people who do not have knowledge in the field of information technology or repair. of computers.

Among those changes that occur most in this aspect are the change of chassis and hinges. It all depends on the taste and needs of the consumer. But, as we have already mentioned, to make this job possible, it needs to be done by an expert.

Factors to consider when doing a chassis fix

  • When repairing a PC chassis, the first thing to do is remove the protective covers. It is enough to remove the screws that are in these covers. However, extreme care must be taken not to remove those that support the power supply.
  • Something important, but that is left aside many times, is that to manipulate this area, all power supply must be removed from the PC.
  • When replacing the covers, it is important that no parts are forced. If this is done, it is because there is one of them that is not being placed properly.

In the case of users who are going to request a hinge and chassis repair service, it is important that:

  • Try not to touch any element of the equipment by yourself, neither when it is in the current warranty period, nor when it is not. The problem can be made more serious and the expenses will be higher.
  • Bring the equipment in the best possible clean conditions. Of course, again without touching any internal part so as not to aggravate the problem.
  • If what is needed is a change in appearance, avoid doing it on your own. The device is in perfect condition and you only want to vary the appearance. It will not be satisfactory for you if you have put some part of the PC at risk for this. Therefore, leave it in the hands of the experts, without a doubt.

Is it worth investing in fixing a broken hinge

Yes, it is totally worth it if this is the problem that plagues your PC. Otherwise, you would have to buy a new team and it would not be very flattering, especially when it is not in your plans.

Something as simple as the constant use of a laptop or something more complex like its fall, can make you need this service. The reality is that if you don’t fix it, you won’t be able to work with your device normally.

Imagine if you have to use your laptop with a monitor that does not remain stable. At any moment you are going to have to solve the conflict and better now, why not?

Each laptop model is different, you should know. So the original part to repair a hinge might not be as easy to find as it seems. It may even seem expensive to some users. But, we repeat, it is worth making the investment.

Don’t worry, your PC will be as good as new after the hinge repair. You’ll be sure of that if you go through this process with our ConnectLG experts.

For any chassis and hinge repair, you can count on our specialists

Whatever you require, for the aesthetics of your computer or for an error that requires changing or repairing any of these parts, we are here to support you.

At ConnectLG we have experts in changing these parts in LG laptops and LG desktops

Everything you are looking for to give your computer a different style, we have it. 

Best of all, you can be sure that your device will work perfectly thanks to the work of our collaborators.

Why should it be specified? We know that something else that technological advance has achieved is giving the user the ability to perform some computer repairs on their own. Some problems are easier to solve than others, but in this case, it is advisable to leave the task in the hands of an expert. 

A poorly placed chassis or hinge may cause the device to fail in the near future. Are you willing to waste time and money for it? We are sure that it is not what you want.

Does your computer or laptop have any conflict related to the chassis or the hinge?

«Yes. Broken hinge caps«

If the rear cover that covers the hinge is damaged or broken, we can carry out a good computer technical service on it. If it is the back cover to the pc, we can also do it. What if they are both? Also! Count on us to help you with any problem that the hinge of your equipment has. 

«No, but I have bought the parts of the box or chassis separately to put it together on my own«

Many users are sure that they will be able to assemble the chassis themselves. We do not recommend it. If the assembly of a chassis looks bad, the risks that the computer does not work are many. Leave it in the hands of the experts.

«Yes. I have hit the chassis by accident and I need to change it«

Accidents happen every day when it comes to electronic equipment. But, like everything, they have a solution. If the chassis of your computer shows any damage and you need to change it, do not hesitate to bring it to our store. We can repair it in a short time and with the guarantee that it will work perfectly.

Our professionals are trained to perform a chassis and hinge repair quickly and efficiently.

We never get tired of repeating it: save time, money and effort by trying to assemble the chassis parts yourself. We can take care of it and you can rest assured that the PC will work as it should.

Whether for aesthetics or because you need to fix your PC, our professionals will listen to you and carry out the work that corresponds to them, according to what you need. We are known for making chassis and hinge changes in the shortest time possible. Of course, with the highest quality that you and your device deserve.

Trust us to repair laptops. You will not regret!

So that the change of chassis, the change of hinge or any other detail of the arrangement of your LG computer has the expected result, we offer our professionals the adapted place to work in the best and neatest way. If you need to adapt a new style to your chassis, we can do it.

If you’re not sure which design you want, we can help you navigate some popular options to make your decision easier. A job with excellent results requires excellent quality tools so that the result is optimal. Therefore, our technicians use the best existing elements to work on your PC. Our efforts are aimed at keeping your LG computer or laptop working in perfect condition. You can be sure of that!

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